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The Top Industrial Polymers

Polymers and the polymer world is one that has so much to offer us with endless wonders that it brings us endlessly. Basically, a polymer is a macromolecule composed of monomers that react to form a long chain or a three dimensional network. As a result of the wide ranging properties that these polymers have, they quite tend to have proved to play such an important role in our daily lives, even looking at the synthetic polymers. Looking at the natural polymers, one which is so common and widely known is cellulose and this is often found in plants. When it gets to the kinds of industrial polymers, these happen to be of such a wide variety and these include those such as the adhesives, the flame retardants, polyethylene, polypropylene and the polyvinylchloride. The following is a look at the precise details about each of these various kinds of industrial polymers.

A flame retardant is basically a kind of industrial polymer that blocks the release of gaseous fuel that leads to charring and as such acts quite well as a barrier to burning or thermal barrier.

The next kind of industrial polymers is the polyethylene and this is further categorized into the Low Density Polyethylene and the High Density Polyethylene polymers all based on the properties that they have. But in a general sense, these tend to have some kinds of shared properties and these include those such as the fact that they are inert, thermally stable and as well poor electrical current conductors. Looking at the features that differentiate them, the Low Density Polyethylene polymers are generally known for being quite flexible as opposed to the High Density kinds which are reckoned for being quite tough and with a higher tensile value. Polyethylene, high and low density, are the kinds of polymers that are used to make such a wide variety of items that we use in the homes such as the flexible pipes, soft toys, electrical insulators and such kinds of the common household items.

The next kind of the industrial polymers that we will see a mention of in this post are the polypropylene polymers. This polymer is one that stands to be so regarded for the property it has of being so resistant to acids and alkalis. Besides this is the fact that they tend to have such a high tensile strength. Some of the common uses of these kinds of polymers is in the making of auto parts, food containers and wrapping materials, amongst a host of other uses.

The polyvinylchloride is the other kind of the industrial polymers common to use. These are often used for the making of a number of household assets such as chairs, vinyl flooring, toys and a lot more and are known for having the property of being quite effective insulation materials.

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